Alabama Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving is an illegal, extremely dangerous activity that many drivers face on the road with frightening frequency. If an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel, they put themselves and anyone they share the road with at a high risk for a collision. Due to reduced reaction times or a lack of attention to traffic as a result of intoxication, these collisions often result in severe, sometimes fatal, injuries.

Driver impairment is a serious problem in Alabama. In 2009, approximately one-third of the 848 traffic deaths in the state were caused by impaired drivers. Although Alabama laws are increasingly strict and enforcement has stepped up, many individuals continue to cause great suffering due to their reckless acts.

When a drunk driver causes you harm in an accident, they can be held responsible under criminal law and also under civil law. This means they may owe you financial compensation for the injuries and losses they have caused you to endure. For help potentially pursuing legal action against the responsible person, contact the Alabama drunk driving accident attorneys of J. Clay Benson, Attorney at Law, at (334) 356-1925, or toll free at (855)-94J-CLAY or fill out our online contact form.

Drunk Driving Laws
It is illegal to drive in Alabama while impaired by alcohol or other drugs. A driver who has a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher is in violation of drunk driving laws and can be arrested.

Drivers who show signs of impairment can also be arrested regardless of their BAC, as can drivers who are under the influence of either legal or illegal drugs. Teen drivers are considered to be breaking the law if they drive with any alcohol in their system, while commercial drivers are in violation if their BAC is above 0.04 percent.

Knowing these drunk driving laws is very important, because a legal violation can help you to make a strong case against a drunk driver so you can recover compensation. However, it is not necessary for the at-fault driver to have been charged in order to recover damages in a drunk driving accident lawsuit.

Common Drunk Driving Injuries
Drunk driving accidents tend to be among the most serious and dangerous crashes, in large part because the impaired driver typically does not have the same reflexes as a normal driver to take measures to avoid or minimize a collision.
Some of the common injuries that may result after an encounter with a drunk driver include:
  • Neck Injuries - Soft Tissue Injuries, Whiplash, Cervical Spine Injuries, Paralysis
  • Internal Organ Damage - Ruptured Spleen, Liver Lacerations, Collapsed Lungs
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries - Concussion, Open Head Injuries, Cognitive Impairment
  • Back Injuries - Disc Ruptures, Disc Herniation, Back Strain, Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Amputation and Broken Bones - Skull Fractures, Fractures of the Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Arm or Legs. Loss of a body part due to accident injury.
  • Wrongful Deaths - Due to Drunk Drivers Negligence
You may require ongoing medical care, be unable to do the activities that you once enjoyed and be unable to work. If this occurs, you need to be compensated for all of these losses that were caused by someone's drinking and getting behind the wheel.

The worst-case scenario of a drunk driving accident, however, is the death of an innocent victim. When a death occurs - whether it is of someone in another vehicle or of a passenger in the vehicle with the drunk driver - the surviving family members suffer the loss of financial support from the deceased as well as the loss of love and companionship. Nothing is more painful than to lose a spouse, child or loved one in violent car crash. Grief and anger are greatly magnified when the loss of a loved one is due to the wrongful or negligent acts of an impaired driver. A wrongful death lawsuit can provide monetary compensation for this loss.

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